9 Days Luxury Honeymoon Safari Botswana.

9 Days Luxury Honeymoon Safari Botswana : With this exquisite 9-day safari honeymoon, you may elevate a romantic holiday. Spend time alone in Africa’s most stunning wilderness, enjoy in the continent’s most remote camps, and only share the experience with the continent’s distinctive animals. This tour provides the seclusion and charm that every honeymooning couple desires, while also blending remarkable experiences and an undiluted immersion in the wilderness.

central kalahari national park

Detailed Itinerary 9 Days Luxury Honeymoon Safari Botswana.

Day 1: Arrival and Transfer to Central Kalahari

Just arriving in the Central Kalahari is awe-inspiring. Fly into Maun and get onto a small aircraft that will take you through the red countryside. Relax on your beautiful king-sized bed, visit the en-suite western bathroom in the bush, and open the curtains to mesmerising Kalahari landscapes. Before supper, there should be time for a first game drive deep in the bush, surrounded by the sounds of the wild. A personal guard ensures that nothing comes too close, and the starry sky adds to the eerie atmosphere. Spend the night at Evolve Back Kalahari/ Edo’s Camp.

Day 2: Wildlife Viewing in Central Kalahari

With only a few luxury tents, there aren’t many other individuals at the site. Because of the park’s immensity, it’s unusual to see another vehicle while on a game drive. However, open your curtains this morning and greet the passing wildlife. Perhaps an elephant is leisurely moving by, or a herd of hartebeest is providing a vivid wake-up call. You’re surrounded by the Kalahari’s unique inhabitants, and they’ll come to say hello just as frequently as you’ll go out to discover them.

This location provides a distinct perspective on roadways. You’re miles from the nearest tyre prints, and the winding roads are nothing like the ones back home. Black-manned lions lounge on each other, happy tummies and half-closed eyes, beside rocky outcrops. Should it be half-open? Because the pride awakens from its nap as you approach, and a lioness chooses to come over for a closer look. Hold your breath and each other tight while the rest of the pride begins its examination.

Those lions aren’t looking for a happy couple; their supper is four-legged prey, so follow the pride as they cross interminable wilderness to reach the waterhole. Any permanent water source is a hive of activity in such a parched environment. Take a picnic and enjoy the scenery. Ungulates drink enthusiastically before skipping away, a cheetah couple causes a momentary panic and the gathering disperses, and an elephant bull ignores the rest and plods up for a drink. All of these moments have an intimacy to them. While most couples don’t want to see another set of eyes on their honeymoon, few things may make you grin more than the Central Kalahari’s lovely animals. Dinner and overnight same as above.

Day 3: Full Day Game Drives- Central Kalahari

Over two days, the entire range of Africa’s animals will have made you happy. This unfenced terrain seems to go on forever, and the amazing variety of creatures is hard to believe. Buffalo herds shake their heads, apparently dissatisfied by your marital joy. Leopards emerge from the trees, but they pay no heed to you. There may also be kudu or springbok roaming about your camp. This robust society of cats and ungulates is mostly unknown to humans. Leave the camp and trek out into the bush for a night of adventure. Your mobile tent has every amenity you could want in the wilderness, yet the sense of seclusion is unrivalled.

While a fire crackles and a wonderful meal is served beneath the stars, you can soak in the unforgettable Kalahari cast that has taken an interest in the camp. Because the wildlife isn’t used to the camp, this goes above and beyond the standard safari experience. Some people will be terrified of your coming. Many others will want to take a closer look. The evenings are filled with thunderous lion roars, but fires keep the cats at a safe distance, while a personal guard quietly stays his distance and assures your protection. You may modify the safari itinerary every day in the Kalahari, so there’s no need for early wake-up calls if you don’t want them, and the dinner table can be set up wherever in the bush. Dinner and overnight same as above.

Day 4: Transfer to Moremi Game Reserve and Game Drive

The Kalahari encapsulates the splendour of an African safari, with each perspective and animal sight delivering something fresh to remember. It’s a classic landscape, and the last three days will have given you a strong sense of size. Today’s flight takes you across the Kalahari till you spy elephant herds from the window and arrive in one of the world’s most distinctive environments. Deserts are tough habitats for species, and the Kalahari represents the continuing struggle for resources. Nonetheless, the Okavango demonstrates what is possible when adequate water flows all year.

Before you even touch down, look for animals, and then discover that a herd of giraffes has recently crossed the runway. You’re in the Okavango Delta’s Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana’s most premium safari destination. This nation does not provide low-cost trips. Its approach to discourse is geared toward attracting a select group of discerning visitors. A dozen angles create a sudden intake of breath as you drive to the camp. Dinner and overnight at Camp Xakanaxa/ Camp Moremi.

Day 5-6: Explore the Wonders of Moremi Game Reserve.

The wild calls start as soon as the sun comes up. Hippos groan loudly as they plunge into the water, enthusiastically heading towards great wading territory. Elephants’ elongated cries pierce the air. Rustling alerts you to something in the trees, so open the curtains and investigate. Rise gently and have a coffee on your private porch, listening to the music and viewing a herd that is also enjoying a morning beverage. An inquisitive giraffe interrupts a leisurely breakfast before it’s time to board a quaint traditional wooden boat. A skilled gondolier guides you through the backwaters and lagoons, expertly managing the massive hippo pods and slowly approaching baby eels.

Stay out all day and enjoy a champagne lunch with the animals. Alternatively, you may relax on the veranda and wait for everything to come to you. Naturally, there will be predatory interactions. Cheetahs study the scene from sandbanks, looking for a probable meal on the plains. Leopards hide in the forests, yet a swishing tail reveals their spotted beauty and concealment. This oasis’ wealth is reflected in the profusion of lion cubs. They accompany their moms on a hunt. However, they appear to be unfamiliar with the regulations. Two scurry along before checking their stride and jousting with each other. The mother seemed to be unimpressed. You can’t go hunting with two boisterous kids in the background.

The interaction of the pride shows affection, which is what the Okavango Delta is all about. Each sighting is unique to you, and every second brings you closer to nature. You’re sharing the experience with each other, but there will be no other people on your safari, and no one else will have the same memories as you.

Day 7: Transfer to Chobe National Park

The many parks in Botswana might be compared to your wedding day. The Central Kalahari is similar to a ceremony in that it is by invitation only and is all about the calibre of the visitors. The Okavango Delta then provides an entirely distinct greeting, offering something that only a few privileged individuals get to experience. It’s now time for the evening celebration, and invitations will be distributed widely. Chobe National Park is home to about 100,000 wild elephants, as well as giraffes and hippopotamuses. There is simply too much to see and experience to say hello to everyone.

Hundreds of elephant herds may be seen drinking from a creek barely five metres from your own veranda. Take a game drive and you’ll lose count of how many giraffe you see in a matter of minutes. Chobe does not have any new creatures, but the experience is altogether different. It’s about shaking your head, wondering when and if the amazement will cease. Other individuals, however, are not invited to this gathering. You now have your own piece of Botswana’s wildness to enjoy. Dinner and overnight at Camp Savuti/ Bridgetown Resort.

Day 8: Explore Chobe National Park

Your second day in Chobe includes a full-day game drive into the forest, giving you a true feel of the park’s immensity. On a longer drive, there are more elephants accompanying you, and there is never a quiet time. While earlier days will have been about peaceful pleasure, today is about true adventure and rounding off the safari experience with a never-ending series of wonders. Hippo snouts peering into your meal while you picnic alongside a swamp. Then, with an unending vista of the river, sip champagne while trying to count how many elephant herds you can fit into one photograph. Following the excitement, there is a final lovely evening of seclusion with dinner and overnight at your lodge.

Day 9: Transfer to Back to Maun and Departure.

This tour schedule is easily adaptable to include a variety of neighbouring places. Starting the tour at Cape Town, probably Africa’s most beautiful city, is a popular option. Victoria Falls is about an hour’s drive from Chobe National Park, while the Indian Ocean coastlines of Mozambique and South Africa provide limitless kilometres of gorgeous beach. After leaving Chobe, you’ll have a last hopper flight over lush forests and wide lagoons before arriving in Maun and connecting to your international flight home. End of Tour.