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Amboseli National Park

Amboseli national park is premium magical African safari place to visit unrivaled in scenic nature tucked away south of Nairobi in Kajiado county. The park expands as far as the territory of Tanzania where the iconic African elephants swagger majestically the plains in the backdrop of the world’s largest mountain “Kilimanjaro” whose highest peak in Africa seems to be peeping into the grasslands.

Amoboseli is the second largest park in Kenya after Masai Mara National Reserve and as well the world’s finest family safari park with unequaled wild life biodiversity and heavenly picturesque.

The park has been christened the home of the large African elephants and is the home to the famous elephant Echo that died in 2009 at a tender age of 60 years.

Recorded as the most studied in the world largely due to the works of the American ethologist, conservationist, writer and wildlife researcher Dr Cynthia Moss that gave birth to books like The Amboseli Elephants and Elephant Memories as well as the famous documentary DVD Echo of the Elephants.

The name Amboseli is derived from the Masai word “Ambosel,” which translates to salty dry dust open plains, befitting a description of Amboseli national park’s open land, acacia woodlands and rocky thorny bushes that are hardly ankle high. That hight of bushes allows fantastic game viewing opportunities thus making the park the perfect place in Africa to get up-close with large herds of free roaming elephants and other wildlife species inclusive of the big five on the great migration safaris.

Top things you simply must do in Amboseli

Wildlife viewing in Amboseli National Park

Family Wildlife Viewing Game Drives

Without a doubt, wildlife viewing is the main reason travellers visit the Amboseli National Park. One of best places in Africa to see the famous big five, gazelles, warthog, the African fox, antelopes, crocodiles, peacocks and ostriches are present. Other animals hosted here are the eland, white bearded wildebeest, coke’s hartebeest, and the common waterbuck. In dry areas you will see fringe eared Oryx Gazelles and Gerenuk. The Velvet monkey, bat eared foxes and black backed jackals also roam the park grounds. And of course, the best place in the world to meet large elephant herds up-close. This park does not miss on our Masai Mara Migration Safaris.

Birding in Amboseli Kenya

Bird Watching

Whether you are a bird lover, a bird photographer or an ordinary holiday maker like most, Amboseli National Park is a birders paradise where you will experience the magical sounds and sights of birds flocking the plain to feed, court and reproduce. Thi sAfrican safari park hosts about 370 species of birds including the lesser flamingo, Madagascar pond Heron, the shoebill, and lesser Kestrel. The birds are spread across the park, but they are specifically concentrated in and around the lakes and swamps so just come with your binoculars and cameras and enjoy the birding magic. Birding is one of the top things you can add to your Masai Mara Migration Safari.

camping safari in Amboseli

Camping Adventures

If one is looking for tranquility, this is a must do which involves having a drink and a bite of choice over a bonfire beneath the diamond magical sky as well as the setting and dawning of the sun over the picturesque of Amboseli national park which is short of heavenly. There are several camping sites in Amboseli National Park which allow for an enjoyable wildlife break from the ordinary camping experience with camping essential facilities. They come indifferent in size, location and price however they all offer a dreamlike experience and hence our guides at Masai Mara Migration will choose for our clients the best there is depending on our client’s taste & budget

Filming and photography safari in amboseli

Filming & Photography

Whether you are a professional wildlife photographer or an amateur like the rest of us, Amboseli National Park presents unlimited photography opportunities where you cannot defy the itch to seize every lens frame of the magical Amboseli. Starting with the sunrise in the morning to the different species of birds, to the enormous planes, not to mention the charmingly ice topped Mountain Kilimanjaro that seems to always be cresting to see what is ensuing in the park. Due to the abundant photographic moments to capture we advise one to carry an extra memory card to capture it all.

Hot air ballon safari Amboseli

Hot Air Balloon Safari

spend one-and-a-half hours silently floating over the savannah in a hot air balloon and it will fill you with enough memories to last a lifetime. You take off in the wee hours of the morning, float in the sky, drifting with the whim of the wind, overlooking the plains, just in time to experience a breathtaking African Sunrise, as sun comes up from Mt. Kilimanjaro, and catch a bird’s eye view of the national park.

Maasai People tour in Amboseli National Park

Maasai Tribal Experience

You’ve seen pictures of them – adorned with the brilliant red, blue and purple patterns of the shukas they wear. The men with their spears, tall and proud. The women bejeweled with bright beaded earrings and scarves. These are the some of the oldest inhabitants of East Africa, the Maasai people. They live in small mud-thatched villages, surrounded by their cattle and smaller livestock. For hundreds of years the Masai have roamed these lands of Amboseli & Masai Mara, living a free, nomadic lifestyle. Their traditional lands now comprise much of Kenya’s national parks. A highlight of your Kenya safari vacation is a visit with these Maasai people.