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Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East national park is the oldest and largest African safari national parks some of the few among the many accolades it proudly wears, it’s the bigger one of the two parks in that it its nine times bigger than the masai mara national park a legend of national parks itself the other being Tsavo west national park.

On 1st April 1948 Tsavo national park was established by the British who were the colonial masters of Kenya and it was a massive 22,000 square kilometres making it the largest national park in kenya being that figuratively that’s 4 % of kenyas entire total land mass but due to administrative purposes a month down the road the park was divided into Tsavo east and Tsavo west national parks with a common border that incidentally happens to be coinciding with the Nairobi-Mombasa highway distinctively separating the two parks with totally different ecosystems with the west being woody and hilly whereas the east being flat bushy and dry thus tsavo east national park was officially established on 1st May 1948.

This park sprawls on 13,700 square kilometres located near the town of Voi Taveta county of the former coastal province that is east of Nairobi and inward of of the coastal town of Mombasa somewhat an equidistance between the two major towns of Nairobi and mobasa and bordering the mkomazi reserve in Tanzania and chyullu hills national park. This infinite stunning wildlife arena of tsavo east national park is one of the worlds biodiversity strongholds hence it hosts the big five and a horde of other animals as well as a plentiful number of birds to a tune of over 500 recorded bird species on its pristine flat beautiful dry landscapes dotted with bushes that are dramatically irrigated by the gulana river a convergent of several rivers like rivers which makes it easy for the park visitors to spot the animals since the scattered grasses are short and the animals tend to assemble along the gulana river where food is in plenty and water for cooling down and quenching their thirst is ever in supply.

Despite the park being open to the public entirely some areas are labelled as remote animal wilderness which is the northern section of the park and thoughtfully so, being that these areas are prone to banditry and there are anti-poaching crusades ongoing in those parts of the park hence need for advance permission must be sought for the adventurous explorers to partake of this untamed northern section of the park which is not fit for game drives since its off limits for a long time and as such there are little to no groundworks in that part whose clear demarcation is the gulana river so the south of the park which is equally massive south of gulana river is where most of the wildlife game drives and other wildlife touring activities occur and considering tsavo east national park is the only Kenyan park that permits night drives.

Tsavo national east park, is a thing of beauty astonishingly seized by the iconic ever present 98 degrees in the shade beautiful scenery and sounds of big red earth painted elephants lounging in the pristine blue green gulana river water and spraying water playfully on each other all in the backdrop of the majestic baobab mystic extremely large rare trees. This wildlife theatre drama can be wonderfully spotted from camouflaging waiting spots where visitors will be ushered to enjoy the wildlife spectacle as close as possible without interfering with the wildlife action.

Tsavo east national park derives its name from the tsavo river that runs through it from the west to the east and of course the east bit is the compass location of the park from the divide of the original tsavo park meaning it’s on the eastern side of the divide of the original tsavo national park. Due to the parks proximity to Mombasa and Malindi all being coastal towns, it’s a breath-taking add-on for an outstanding East African beach wildlife holiday with colonial safari style out of this time experiences and be sure not to miss out on the patently crazy prehistoric camel safari magical experience.

Top things you simply must do in Tsavo East NP

Wildlife Game Viewing

Wildlife Game Viewing

Be it a morning, late afternoon or night drive Tsavo east national offers its visitors a unique rich wildlife prospect to not miss out on all the resident animals in the park key on the agenda being the big five that will be spotted easily in the comfort of your car as seasoned adyeri creation guides will take you to the points of attraction and you won’t miss an action and you will be glad you chose us to take you ubiquitously on this wildlife mecca pilgrimage.

Bird watching in tsavo east national park

Bird watching

Bird watching in tsavo east national park: an elite worldwide bird safari destination not only hosts a diverse wildlife but also hosts a diverse array of over 500 bird species drawn in magnetic mystic yatta plateau and marshy wetlands that offer a thrilling birding experience to all irrespective to whether they are bird lovers, bird photographers or ordinary holiday makers.

Rock Climbing IN tSAVO

Rock Climbing

The park has a lot to offer when it comes to this arena as the park is arid and dominated by rugged features due to the yester years volcanic activities in the area and one several the attraction points in the park mapped out by our seasoned seasoned guides are sure to create contest and thrill in the same breath providing an out of this world hiking and climbing experience in this beautiful pristine park, the must go hike spots are the magical Mudanda rock and the mystic legendary yatta plateau which will test ones agility and resolve and at the same time urging you on with its untold beautiful wildlife tracts.

Camping safari in Serengeti

Camping Safaris

With its vast pristine fascinating flat plains this park offers a mystical touch to camping where campsites are located next to several waterholes drawing in wildlife that can easily be seen from the comfort of your lodge owing to the flat terrain and short bushes that enable impeccable game viewing. There are several camping sites and facilities in the park that come in different sizes, locations and prices nonetheless they all offer a dreamlike experiences and hence adyeri creations will choose for our clients the best there is depending on our client’s smack & budget.

Hot air ballon safari

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Spend one-and-a-half hours silently floating over the savannah in a hot air balloon and it will fill you with enough memories to last a lifetime. You take off in the wee hours of the morning, float in the sky, drifting with the whim of the wind, overlooking the plains, just in time to experience a breathtaking African Sunrise, as sun comes up from Mt. Kilimanjaro, and catch a bird’s eye view of the national park.

Filming and Photography in Serengeti

Filming and Photography

This goes without saying whether you are a professional wildlife photographer or an amateur like the rest of us the legendary Serengeti park plains offer virgin infinite as if choreographed photography opportunities where you cannot defy the desire to click away at every opportune moment. Due to the abundant photographic instants to capture Adyeri creations advises its clients to carry an extra memory card to capture it all.

Camel & Horse Riding Safaris

Camel & Horse Riding Safaris

If you are a one who loves the crazy county lifestyle or the adrenalin pumping rugged colonial era safari this experience behind these adorable animals tracing the paths of the early 19th century arab traders and the early Europeans in the plains of tsavo will be nothing short of jaw dropping and cumbersome as well. Adyeri creations experienced tour guides will lead you in a caravan style eco-friendly tour across the plains of tsavo traversing the southern part of the park reaching all the corners and discovering all the minute gems the park has to offer whilst coming up close and personal to the wildlife whilst absorbing the sweet aroma of the wild and dripping away the stress and anxiety sweat a wildlife therapy of sorts.

Guided Bush Walks in Tsavo NP

Guided Bush Walks

In the spirit of Dr. Krapf who was the first European to walk this pristine wildlife jewel plains our seasoned guides at adyeri creations will take our clients on an adventurous 6 senses immersion and 360° view safe trek through the larger-than-life wildlife alleys giving one the opportunity to reach the car inaccessible areas of the park with where one will immerse all their senses into the Adrenalin pumping bush trek where our adyeri creation guides will give tons of up-close indigenous bush knowledge on the flora and fauna one will encounter, touch, feel, see and smell and most of all bush survival tips not forgetting the beautiful photographic moments in between plus meeting the rather shy and hard to see animals the insects and birds lined up on the mighty banks of river galena or their favourite water holes.