10 Days Wildebeest Migration & Zanzibar

10 Days Wildebeest Migration & Zanzibar.

10 Days Wildebeest Migration & Zanzibar : As you watch the calving season, you will witness the initial stages of one of nature’s most arduous and intriguing journeys. Calving season heralds the start of annual migration, which sees millions of animals make the arduous trek from the southern Serengeti to the far-flung Maasai Mara.

On this four-day calving season safari, you’ll explore Lake Manyara National Park, the southern Serengeti to view the Ndutu calving zone, and the magnificent Ngorongoro Conservation Area. If you’re lucky, you could even observe the initial steps of this massive herd’s northward migration.

Summary 10 Days Wildebeest Migration & Zanzibar

Day 1: Arrival in Arusha and Transfer to Lake Manyara

Day 2: Lake Manyara-Serengeti National Park (Ndutu Region)

Day 3: Wildlife Viewing in Serengeti

Day 4: Transfer to Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Drive to Arusha.

Day 5: Fly to Zanzibar-Spice Island

Day 6-9: Tropical Palms & Azure Waters

Day 10: Departure.

Detailed Itinerary for 10 Days Wildebeest Migration & Zanzibar.

Day 1: Arrival in Arusha and Transfer to Lake Manyara

After breakfast, you’ll leave Arusha for the journey to Lake Manyara National Park. The trip takes around two hours, but we’ll stop in the market town of Mto Wa Mbu along the route. This agricultural and fresh produce market is a cultural melting pot and a souvenir hunter’s delight.

You’ll enter Lake Manyara National Park after a quick halt at the local market. The park is a photographer’s dream, with some of the greatest game watching in the world. Many of Africa’s most well-known creatures may be expected to be seen, with tree-climbing lions being a special treat. These self-assured predators sit under acacia branches, seemingly waiting to be photographed.

Lake Manyara is a bird-paradise, watcher’s with a vast diversity of species on exhibit throughout the park. Large flamingo flocks, circling birds of prey, and the vividly coloured lilac-breasted roller will astound even the most inexperienced visitor.

After that, you’ll go to your chosen lodging for dinner and a good night’s relaxation.

Day 2: Lake Manyara-Serengeti National Park (Ndutu Region)

We’ll eat an early breakfast since we have a full day of travel and fun ahead of us!

We’ll start the day with a beautiful drive to the Serengeti/Ngorongoro Conservation Area’s Ndutu Region.

We’ll drive through the mist-shrouded rainforests of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, where you could spot cape buffalo, baboons, elephants, and leopards in the deep foliage.

It’s a roughly one-and-a-half hour trip to Ndutu, but you can break up the ride with one or both of the extra activities listed below:

The Oldupai Gorge Museum, often known as the Cradle of Mankind, honours some of the earliest traces of human settlement ever discovered. You may witness some of the earliest fossil evidence of human settlement here, visit the Oldupai Canyon Museum to learn more about the human journey, and take in the breathtaking vistas of this austere gorge area.

Visit a famous Maasai boma, where you’ll be able to watch (and participate in) traditional Maasai dancing, explore a genuine Maasai community, and even do some souvenir shopping at the local market.

Both of the aforementioned activities are not free. Speak with your safari specialist about including them into your schedule. After a lovely picnic lunch, it’s time to explore the Ndutu Region. Experience Africa’s famous savannah environment and be astounded by the sheer quantity of animals that wander these green plains. You’ll love seeing the massive herds of wildebeest move through the region.

Dinner and stay in the centre of the region based on the standard and kind of accommodation chosen from our selections.

Day 3: Wildlife Viewing in Serengeti

You’ll be up before dawn so we can go on a sunrise game drive throughout the region. Witness the sunset fire to the savannah as animals such as cheetahs and lions hunt while it is still cool enough for them.

After your morning game drive, you’ll return to your lodge for breakfast before venturing out to explore more of Ndutu with a picnic lunch.

A day-long game drive across the region will take you past the beaches of Lake Ndutu and Lake Masek, as well as the surrounding countryside, where tens of thousands of baby wildebeest are making their first steps.

You’ll spend the night in the region after exploring Ndutu during the day.     

Day 4: Transfer to Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Drive to Arusha.

After breakfast, you’ll travel for Ngorongoro Crater, which some believe to be the World’s Eighth Wonder. When you first see this enormous, verdant caldera from the panoramic perspective, you’ll understand why it has such a high reputation.

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area, home to over 120 animal species, including the famous Big Five, is one of the world’s most sought-after safari locations. It’s a great spot to observe the endangered black rhinoceros having a solitary meal on the grass plains, as well as big numbers of hippopotamus relaxing in the cold water.

You’ll be able to see and photograph some of Africa’s most famous faces from the comfort of your open-top car. The crater is home to many predators, including lions, leopards, cheetahs, jackals, and hyenas, as well as a huge population of wildebeest, zebras, antelope, cape buffalo, and other animals. It is, without a doubt, one of Africa’s top safari locations.

After the excitement of the day, you’ll have a picnic lunch beside the park’s famed hippo pool before returning to Arusha for the night.

Day 5: Fly to Zanzibar-Spice Island

A member of the Shadows of Africa crew will pick you up and transport you to Arusha Airport for your journey to Zanzibar. The flight lasts roughly an hour and provides a bird’s-eye perspective of Tanzania.

When you arrive in Zanzibar, our driver will meet you and take you to your Stone Town hotel.

Stone Town, the island’s beautiful beaches, and the beautiful, historic Stone Town are all linked with Zanzibar. The city, a historic spice and slave port, proudly displays its past in the shape of old coral crafted structures, colonial architecture, and the lingering ghosts of the city’s status as a major slave port.

Stone Town is a busy city that is alive with various civilizations going about their lives, from its twisting alleys to the majestic façade of the Palace of Wonders and the towering structure of the Old Fort. It is a UNESCO World Heritage listed city.

Day 6-9: Tropical Palms & Azure Waters

From now on, you may just rest! Explore the beautiful island of Zanzibar or simply relax on the beach. Of course, you may also enjoy the island’s various water activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and more! Take a plunge in the blue waters and let your concerns fade beneath the palms.

Day 10: Departure.

Today is the final day of your journey. You will be picked up from your resort and driven to Zanzibar Airport in plenty of time for your international flight. If you want to prolong your beach vacation, simply let us know and we will gladly arrange an unique trip for you. End of Tour.